Spring has come and gone. We are now in the throes of yet another hot summer. Some of you who could not find the time for this may have resigned yourself to ditching spring cleaning for another year.

Forget about home decorating through adding a few splashes of new items and colors for the summer, autumn and winter months ahead. Do not let a diligent home decorator catch you giving up this easily. Spring cleaning is as old as the hills.

futon cover

So too, the Victorian and Edwardian eras. But that may be a good decorating story for another day. In the meantime, know this. Modern and busy lifestyles actually present you with numerous opportunities to give your home a good, fresh and modern make-over with next to no effort. Less is more and extensive spring cleaning can be replaced by practical sprucing up of open spaces. Futon beds and couches help to open up such spaces.

They are likely to be utilized enthusiastically. To this end, unbeknown to the home decorating novice, they need to stay clean and fresh too. And to do this could not have been any easier than purchasing a futon cover for each living and breathing item. It also helps to add variety, even if the decorative elements are necessarily liminal to conform to the dictates of modern, functional and stylish living. Let your new modern lifestyle begin as a true story of life.

And it starts with this futon cover story which you can store away with loads of space to spare and always use later as and when necessary or when the decorating whim attacks you once more.